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Crystal Guide

Crystal Guide

We have created this section of the website to help those looking to connect with crystals as tools for support in their daily lives, and to help friends and loved ones through different aspects of their journey.

Much of the information in these pages is gathered from Judy Hall’s ‘The Crystal Bible’, which has been our biggest selling book here at Inspire Me for EVER. We use Judy’s Bible as one of our chief resources when helping customers find support for whatever it is they’re working through at a particular time on their journey…

The information on these pages is by no means exhaustive and is offered as a basic guide to get you started, and while it doesn’t include all the properties offered by each crystal (specifically those with a more physical benefit) it includes those that resonated with me at the time of writing, in particular emotional and psychological benefits because everything starts at an emotional/feeling level first. This leaves plenty of room for more research of your own.

The most important thing is to use your own ‘inner guidance’ and not over-think your choices.

Crystals A - B

AgateAmazoniteAmberAmegreenAmethystAmetrineAmmoniteAngelite;  Anyolite - see Ruby in Fuschite;  Apache TearApatiteApophylliteAquamarineAragoniteAstrophylliteAtlantisite (aka Stitchtite & Serpentine);  AuraliteAventurineAzuriteBarite;  Basalt - see Lava StoneBeryl (see also Morganite);  BismuthBloodstone;  Boji Stones - see Shaman StonesBronzite;

Crystals C - E

CalciteCarborundumCarnelianCat's EyeCavansiteCelestiteChalcedony;  ChalcopyriteCharoiteChiastoliteChloriteChrysanthemum StoneChrysocollaChrysopraseCitrineCopperDanburiteDesert Rose (aka Gypsum);  DiopsideDioptaseDragonstoneDumortioriteEmeraldEpidote;

Crystals F - L

Fairy Cross, The - see StauroliteFlintFluoriteFuschiteGarnet;  Goldstone - see SandstoneGoniatite Fossil;  Greenstone - see NZ Greenstone;  Gypsum - see Desert RoseHematiteHemimorphiteHerkimer DiamondHowliteHypersthene (aka Velvet Labradorite);  IdocraseIndigo Gabbro (aka Mystic Merlinite);  IoliteJadeJasperJetKunziteKyaniteLabradorite (Velvet Labradorite - see Hypersthene);  Lapis LazuliLarimarLava Stone (aka Basalt);  Lepidolite;  Lodestone - see Magnetite;

Crystals M - Q

MagnesiteMagnetite (aka Lodestone);  Malachite;  Mangano Calcite - see Pink Calcite;  MerliniteMoldaviteMoonstoneMorganite (aka Pink Beryl);  Muscovite;  Mystic Merlinite - see Indigo GabbroNuummiteNZ Greenstone;  ObsidianOnyxOpal;  Opalite (aka Sea Glass Opal);  OrthocerasPeridotPetrified WoodPietersite;  Pop Rocks - see Shaman Stones;  Pounamu - see NZ Greenstone;  Prasiolite (aka Green Amethyst);  Prehnite;  PyriteQuantum QuattroQuartzQuartz Aura

Crystals R - S

RhodochrositeRhodoniteRhyoliteRose QuartzRuby;  Sandstone (aka Goldstone);  SapphireSardonyxScolesite;  Sea Glass Opal - see OpaliteSeleniteSeptarianSeraphiniteSerpentine (see also Atlantisite);  Shaman Stones (aka Pop Rocks & Boji Stones);  ShattuckiteShiva LinghamShungiteSmoky QuartzSoapstoneSodaliteStaurolite (aka The Fairy Cross);  Stitchtite (see also Atlantisite);  StromatoliteSugiliteSunstoneSuper Seven;

Crystals T - Z

TanzaniteTektiteTiger Iron Tiger's EyeTopazTourmalineTurquoise;  UnakiteVanadiniteVarisciteZirconZoisite;


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