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The most common form of CITRINE found on the market today is in fact HEAT-TREATED CITRINE, which is Amethyst that has been heat-treated in a kiln.  It tends to be a yellow-orange colour, while NATURAL CITRINE (that has not been heat-treated) is usually a pale yellow colour, almost colour-less and can also be found looking very much like Smoky Quartz. 

Both are effective and although it is believed that the heating process doesn't damage the stone, it does alter its metaphysical qualities.

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Citrine (Heat-Treated)

Some of the ways that HEAT-TREATED CITRINE may help us, include...

  • attracting and maintaining abundance and prosperity
  • identifying problematic issues with abundance and prosperity
  • manifesting, including realising and defining what we want to manifest
  • releasing negative thought patterns and encouraging optimism
  • creating a light and vibrant energy within
  • lifting heaviness of emotion or mind
  • perceiving things in a more positive light
  • soothing fear and anxiety
  • setting and maintaining proper emotional boundaries
  • being more assertive and outgoing
  • saying no when we need to
  • spiritual growth 

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 citrine heat treated

Natural Citrine

NATURAL CITRINE never needs cleansing, and some of the ways it may help us, include…

  • manifestation and prosperity
  • strengthening our personal will and our ability to manifest
  • challenges of the ego and self-esteem
  • making difficult choices with courage
  • clear thinking
  • helping us see and clear blockages
  • healing issues of powerlessness
  • understanding challenging situations and resolving them with courage and fortitude
  • chakra clearing and healing
  • purification and cleansing
Chakra Association:  Sacral, Solar Plexus, Crown, Cleanses ALL
Zodiac Association:  Gemini, Aries, Libra, Leo
 citrine natural

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