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Practitioner Directory


Connecting People with Practitioners

We have established this Directory on our website because we are regularly asked for contact details for practitioners who offer natural therapies and because connecting people with Practitioners is important to us.

These practitioners are not employed or even endorsed by Inspire Me; they are business people in their own right, and this site is simply a means of advertising their services.

Here’s how it works:

If you're looking for a Practitioner...

  • select a modality that you’re interested in from the Categories section on the right, click on it, and choose from the practitioners listed there
  • simply scroll down the page and see ‘who’s offering what’
  • click on the Read More button for a description, contact details, and fees (if provided)
  • follow links to Facebook pages or websites, if they’ve provided them, so you can find more information
  • not all the practitioners will be Palmy based, but they will offer distance sessions using technology, plus its handy to know about practitioners in other places 
Amy Masters  |  Psychic Medium & Spirituality Guide

Amy Masters | Psychic Medium & Spirituality Guide

As modern women the struggle is real and there just ain’t the time for the self care we need and the self discovery we crave! I see you and I’ve g...
An Open Heart Place

An Open Heart Place

Enlightenment, Self-empowerment and Healing Our aim is to assist people to heal themselves by supporting them with their spiritual growth through h...
Andrew Gowan  |  Health Solutions

Andrew Gowan | Health Solutions

A Naturopath cares for you using herbs, nutrition, diet modification and other gentle techniques to restore health and balance. Naturopathic health...
Bobbi Murray | Step-by-Step Coaching Ltd

Bobbi Murray | Step-by-Step Coaching Ltd

I do not believe in focusing on problems any longer than needed to define them.  I do believe in focusing on solutions and desired outcomes: the go...
Brooke Henson  |  Kiwi Angel 11

Brooke Henson | Kiwi Angel 11

Hello, I’m Brooke Henson (kiwiangel11), I’m from New Zealand, mother of 3. I’ve been working with my angels/guides/higher self for over 20 years. I...
Bryan Snaith  |  Shamanic Practitioner

Bryan Snaith | Shamanic Practitioner

During a session Bryan takes you on an inner Shamanic Journey, where you see or experience for yourself the trauma, or blocked energy that keeps you out of balance, and disconnected from your spirit. Clearing these blockages allows you to find balance.
Catherine Henderson  |  Healing with Catherine

Catherine Henderson | Healing with Catherine

Holistic Pulsing is one of the most deeply and rapidly relaxing of treatments through its hypnotic, soothing action on the nervous system.  The pulsing is a gentle, hands-on method of stretching, lifting, shaking and rotating different parts of the body to create waves throughout, while lying on a table.  Holistic Pulsing is known as the 'Power of Softness' to help improve physical, emotional and mental health:
Cheryl Robin Freeman  |  Trauma Clairvoyant/Medium

Cheryl Robin Freeman | Trauma Clairvoyant/Medium

Cheryl is an international metaphysical teacher, who has travelled internationally on stage as a Trauma Medium in countries including Egypt. As a c...
Christina Richter  |  Astrology Services

Christina Richter | Astrology Services

Astrology is this unravelling of the wonders of your birth chart to show the potential it holds for you, your own embedded treasure map. It awakens you to the present, and prepares you for the future.