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About Us

Inspire Me specialises in Wellness and Personal Development. We have an interesting and eclectic range of items housed in a space that welcomes and nurtures those who pass through its doors

In establishing Inspire Me I wanted to create a place where people could come to find tools such as crystals, books, card decks, relaxing music, meditation CDs and so much more... that would help them navigate this exciting journey we call life. Having worked in the social services sector for many years and surviving my own life's challenges; at the age of 50 this felt like the right thing to do.

We opened in a lovely little spot in Coleman Place late 2009, with a small but interesting selection of crystals, candles, jewellery and gifts, to complement the books. Over the next two years the variety grew.

In 2011, after an amazing cruise with Abraham-Hicks, we moved into a much bigger site on the corner of Rangitikei Street and the Square. It wasn’t just more shop space that I wanted, it was space for Independent Holistic Practitioners to work from, as connecting people with practitioners felt like a great next step.

Three years on, in 2014, we outgrew that space and after some interesting signs from the Universe I began the task of negotiating a lease on new premises directly across the road.  This new site gave us the opportunity to create an amazing shopping experience.

As a Law of Attraction Nut I practice the art of manifesting every day, with varying degrees of success, depending on my ‘allowing’, and I would have to say that this has been my best piece of manifesting to date.

The best way to describe walking through the door of Inspire Me is ‘an experience’.  Customers have described it as "like walking into an oasis of peace and serenity', where they immediately feel calmer.

One of the first things you notice is the beautiful aroma of soy melts and incense, the next thing you’ll probably notice is the crystal cabinet, which is a great ‘centre-piece’ for the store.  Usually filled to overflowing with gorgeous crystals from all over the world, it captivates people of all ages.

The store is laid out in such a way that you feel like you're in your own little world where you can explore at your own pace, to the sound of gentle music playing in the background. And we even have comfy chairs dotted around, inviting you to sit and 'just be' or maybe play with a card deck.

 And last but not least, there are the lovely Earth Angels who work at Inspire Me; and everything they bring to the Inspire Me Experience.  We’ve all faced, and continue to work through our own challenges, and wanting to serve is in our hearts.  We each want to make a difference in this world, in our own way, and so we do, one person at a time.

I invite you to come and experience Inspire Me for yourself, it may be tools for personal development you’re looking for, or it may just be something lovely to enhance your home or work environment, or perhaps a gift for someone you care about.  Whatever it is, we’d love the opportunity to help you.

But if you’re not able to get into our physical store, this website is the next best thing.