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RUBY is an energy and abundance stone, and may help with… 

  • improving motivation and setting realistic goals 
  • encouraging positive dreams 
  • holding on to wealth and passion 
  • dynamic leadership 
  • a positive and courageous state of mind 
  • heightened awareness 
  • concentration 
  • stimulating the heart chakra 
  • psychic attack 
Chakra Association:  Heart, Root
Zodiac Association:  Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Ruby in Fuschite

A blend of natural RUBY crystals embedded in green FUSCHITE, merges the qualities of these two beautiful stones, creating the perfect heart stone that may help with…   

  • getting to and staying asleep 
  • clearing blockages of the heart chakra 
  • vitality 
  • transforming destructive negative energies into positive helpful ones 
  • opening and enhancing psychic awareness 
  • healing by amplifying the body’s energy field 
  • connecting to spiritual realms 
  • meditation 
  • recovery from chronic illness 
Chakra Association:  Heart, Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac Association:  Aquarius

ruby in fuschite


Ruby in Zoisite (aka Anyolite)

A blend of natural RUBY crystals embedded in ZOISITE, creating what has come to be known as a marriage of passion and patience that may help with...   

  • communication with spirit guides 
  • enhancing psychic abilities 
  • maintaining our individuality 
  • calm over-reactions to difficult situations 
  • with mood swings and stress 
  • strengthen our immune system 
  • increase fertility 
  • heal the reproductive system 
  • bacterial infections 
Chakra Association:  Crown, Heart
Zodiac Association:  Aquarius, Aries

ruby in zoisite aka anyolite 


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