Sandstone (aka Goldstone)

Sandstone (aka Goldstone)

BLUE SANDSTONE (aka GOLDSTONEis man-made with flecks of copper suspended in it. It is said to be symbolic of the light that can be found in the darkness.  Resembling the night sky, it reminds us to reach for the stars, and it is also believed to help with… 

  • deflecting unwanted energies 
  • protection 
  • meditation 
  • stimulating the nervous system 
  • long-distance healing 
  • easing pain

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blue sandstone


Gold Sandstone

GOLD SANDSTONE (aka GOLDSTONE) is man-made with flecks of copper suspended in it. It is believed to help with…
  • promoting calm when needed 
  • revitalising our energy field 
  • easing pain 
  • strengthening the circulatory system
Chakra Association:  Sacral
Zodiac Association:  Gemini

gold sandstone



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