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Quartz - Aura

Quartz - Aura

Some AURA QUARTZES are created via a process called Vapour Deposition, which uses extreme heat to deposit an element onto a stone or crystal and others are created by a process using lasering.  It is believed that the crystal’s healing properties are affected because the element becomes part of the stone’s composition. 

Some healers prefer not to use these stones as they are not completely natural, while others consider them useful healing tools, and some even believe they are an improvement upon natural quartz.   

As with other ‘enhanced stones’ you need to be guided by your own intuition as to what is ‘right for you. 

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Amethyst Aura Quartz

AMETHYST AURA QUARTZ is created by the bonding of Platinum and Magnesium onto Quartz.  It is believed to… 

  • bring feelings of spiritual wholeness 
  • instil happiness and joy 
  • enhance Zen states and meditation practices 
  • give a sense of child-like wonder 
  • help us connect with nature spirits and beings of the Faery Realm 

Check here for AMETHYST AURA QUARTZ items available.


amethyst aura quartz


Angel Aura Quartz

ANGEL AURA QUARTZ is created by the bonding of Platinum to Quartz and may help… 

  • bring a sense of joy into our life 
  • balance the chakras 
  • open us to a deep meditative state of awareness 

Check here for ANGEL AURA QUARTZ items available.


angel aura quartz


Aqua Aura Quartz

AQUA AURA QUARTZ is created by the bonding of Gold onto Quartz and is believed to help... 

  • free us from self-imposed limitations 
  • help us reach our highest potential 
  • release stress and negativity 
  • stimulate channelling and spiritual attunement 
  • bring peace to meditation 
  • enhance the healing properties of other crystals 

Check here for AQUA AURA QUARTZ items available.


aqua aura quartz


Rose Aura Quartz

ROSE AURA QUARTZ is created by the bonding of Platinum onto Quartz and is believed to help with… 

  • doubts about self-worth 
  • unconditional self-love 
  • our connection to Universal Love 

Check here for ROSE AURA QUARTZ items available.


rose aura quartz


Titanium Quartz (aka Rainbow Quartz)

TITANIUM QUARTZ is created by the bonding of Titanium onto Quartz and is believed to help with… 

  • increasing our enjoyment of life 
  • enhancing our mental abilities 
  • increasing confidence, self-awareness and focus 
  • releasing sorrow 
  • activating all the energy centres in the body 

Check here for TITANIUM QUARTZ items available. 


titanium aura quartz


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