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QUARTZ is said to be the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet.  It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and some … 

  • unblocking energy 
  • increasing our bio-magnetic field 
  • filtering out distractions in meditation 
  • concentration 
  • attuning to our spiritual purpose 
  • protection from radiation 
  • dispelling static electricity 
  • cleansing and enhancing organs 
  • enhancing psychic abilities 
Chakra Association:  All
Zodiac Association:  All

Amphibole Quartz (aka Angel Phantom)

In addition to the generic properties of Quartz, AMPHIBOLE QUARTZ, which has an extremely gentle, calming energy, may help us… 

  • connect to our Guardian Angels and Higher Beings for guidance 
  • take actions from a place of love 
  • create an environment of cooperation and harmony, perfect for the home and workplace 

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amphibole quartz


Blue Quartz

In addition to the generic properties of Quartz, BLUE QUARTZ may help with… 

  • reaching out to others 
  • relieving fear 
  • calming the mind 
  • inspiring hope 
Chakra Association:  Throat, Third Eye
Zodiac Association:   Gemini

blue quartz


Fairy Quartz

In addition to the generic properties of Quartz, FAIRY QUARTZ may help with…  

  • drawing out emotional or physical dis-ease 
  • removing emotional pain and introducing healing energy 
  • harmonising the home environment 
  • calming children after a nightmare 
  • unravelling family myths and cultural stories, and where appropriate re-framing them 

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fairy quartz


Golden Quartz

In addition to the generic properties of Quartz, GOLDEN QUARTZ may help with…  

  • healing at all levels 
  • clearing blockages 
  • setting intentions in meditation 
  • spiritual communication between worlds and dimensions 
Chakra Association:  All
Zodiac Association:  Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Crown, Higher Chakras

golden quartz


Hematoid Quartz (aka Harlequin Quartz)

This stone combines both QUARTZ & HEMATITE and is a highly energetic crystal that may help with the following… 

  • self-worth and self-esteem 
  • enhancing focus and concentration 
  • a short attention span 
  • grounding and balancing when feeling scattered 
  • calming anxiety and panic 
  • drawing off negativity 
  • balancing mind body and spirit 
  • balancing the chakras 
  • boosting the immune system 
  • stimulating healing 
  • clearing toxins 
Chakra Association:  Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus
Zodiac Association:  Scorpio

hematoid quartz


Lemon Quartz

LEMON QUARTZ is Quartz that has been irradiated and is believed to have a very high vibration that could be overwhelming for those are sensitive. LEMON QUARTZ is believed to help with… 

  • new opportunities for abundance 
  • good fortune and luck 
  • job interviews tests/exams 
  • quick thinking and decision making 
  • bringing in money in emergency situations 
  • easing cravings for food and nicotine 
Chakra Association:  Solar Plexus
Zodiac Association:  Gemini

lemon quartz


Lemurian Quartz

In addition to the generic properties of Quartz, LEMURIAN QUARTZ has been described as the tool for lightworkers because they hold a blessing of unconditional love for the Earth. They may help us…

  • chakra clearing and balancing  
  • understand that thoughts are creative and take on form, so we need to harness them to manifest full potential 
  • with Angelic contact by opening a Stargate, anchoring ancient wisdom into the present 
  • re-awaken our desire for spiritual training and healing abilities 
  • understand that we are many-dimensional beings 
Chakra Association:  All
Zodiac Association:  All

lemurian quartz


Lithium Quartz

In addition to the generic properties of Quartz, LITHIUM QUARTZ may help with… 

  • cleansing the chakras 
  • purifying water 
  • healing plants and animals 
  • easing feelings of depression 
  • neutralising old feelings of anger and grief 
Chakra Association:  All
Zodiac Association:  All

Rose Quartz

In addition to the generic properties of Quartz, some of the ways ROSE QUARTZ may help us include… 

  • romantic love and unconditional love, including self-love 
  • self-forgiveness 
  • trauma, grief and shock 
  • emotional healing and heartache 
  • negative energy 
  • reassurance 
  • calming ourselves 
  • challenging situations 
  • mid-life crisis 
Chakra Association:  Heart, Higher Heart
Zodiac Association:  Taurus, Libra

rose quartz


Rutilated Quartz (aka Angel Hair)

In addition to the generic properties of Quartz, RUTILATED QUARTZ is believed to heighten the energetic impulse of Quartz and is a very efficient vibrational healer.  It may help with… 

  • forgiveness 
  • releasing negative energy 
  • letting go of the past 
  • the work of therapists and counsellors 
  • cleansing and energising the aura 
  • fertility and conception 
  • spiritual growth 
  • deflecting psychic attack 
  • soothing dark moods 
  • relieving fears phobias and anxieties 
  • chronic illness 
  • astral travel 
  • scrying and channelling 
  • balancing the thyroid 
Chakra Association:  All
Zodiac Association:  Leo, Taurus, Gemini

rutilated quartz


Smoky Quartz

In addition to the generic properties of Quartz, some other ways SMOKY QUARTZ may help us include… 

  • grounding and anchoring 
  • Improving concentration 
  • emotional calmness 
  • manifestation of our dreams 
  • releasing stress 
  • tolerating difficult times 
  • blocking geopathic stress 
  • absorbing electromagnetic smog 
  • releasing fear 
  • letting go of what no longer serves us 
  • reducing nightmares 
  • dissolving negative emotions 
  • off-setting some of the side effects of chemotherapy 
  • ecological solutions 
Chakra Association:  Root, Solar Plexus
Zodiac Association:  Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn

smokey quartz


Snow Quartz (aka Milky Quartz & White Quartz)

Snow Quartz has a gentler, more soothing vibrational quality than Clear Quartz, and is sometimes referred to as its female version. It may help… 

  • remind us to look at the world through the eyes of an innocent child, seeing the wonders that are there 
  • with clarity of mind, making it useful for study and administrative tasks 
  • attract prosperity and good fortune 
  • us let go of overwhelming responsibilities 
  • with feelings of martyrdom and victimhood 
  • us think before we speak 
  • help with some menopausal symptoms 
  • helpful for lactating mothers 
Chakra Association:  Crown  
Zodiac Association:  Capricorn

snow quartz


Spirit Quartz

In addition to the generic properties of Quartz, SPIRIT QUARTZ may help with… 

  • self-forgiveness 
  • purifies and stimulates the subtle energetic bodies 
  • comfort during periods of grief 
  • mental and emotional detox 
  • reprogramming cellular memory 
  • aligning and purifying the entire chakra system 
  • encouraging insightful dreams 
  • all metaphysical work 
  • transition through death 
Chakra Association:  Crown, Heart
Zodiac Association:  Libra, Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces, Capricorn

spirit quartz


Tangerine Quartz

In addition to the generic properties of Quartz, TANGERINE QUARTZ may help with… 

  • stimulating the flow of creative energy 
  • encouraging a positive vibration 
  • traumatic events 
  • healing after psychic attack 
  • past-life healing 
Chakra Association:  Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus
Zodiac Association: Libra, Leo

tangerine quartz


Tibetan Quartz

In addition to the generic properties of Quartz, TIBETAN QUARTZ may help with… 

  • in meditation 
  • when accessing the Akashic Records 
  • in healing, energising all the meridians 

Check here for TIBETAN QUARTZ items available.


tibetan quartz


Tourmalinated Quartz

In addition to the generic properties of Quartz, TOURMALINATED QUARTZ may help with… 

  • grounding 
  • problem solving 
  • releasing tensions 
  • negative thoughts 
  • self-sabotage 
  • strengthening our body’s energy field 
Chakra Association:  Root, Cleanses All
Zodiac Association:  Libra, Scorpio

tourmalinated quartz



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