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HEMATITE is believed to be particularly beneficial for grounding and protecting. Some other ways it may help us, include… 

  • harmonising mind body and spirit 
  • boosting self-esteem 
  • enhancing willpower 
  • peaceful sleep 
  • stimulating concentration, focus and memory 
  • removing self-limitations 
  • overeating, smoking and other forms of over-indulgence 
  • dissolving negative energies 
  • balancing the meridians 
  • legal situations 
  • mathematics and technical subjects 
  • strengthening and regulating the blood supply 
  • drawing heat from the body 
  • stimulating the absorption of iron  
Chakra Association: Root
Zodiac Association:  Aries, Aquarius

Magnetic Hematite

MAGNETIC HEMATITE is Hematite that has been reconstituted and magnetised, which gives it different properties to the natural hematite.  Some of the ways MAGNETIC HEMATITE may help us, include…  

  • shielding from electromagnetic activity 
  • relieving pain 
  • balancing and realigning our energy field 
  • feeling spaced-out and confused or fatigued 
  • enhancing meditation 
  • stimulating healing from muscle sprain, tear or strain 
  • freely express our thoughts and feelings

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magnetic hematite

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