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TOPAZ is known for directing energy where it is needed most and may help with…  

  • tapping into inner resources 
  • highlighting and achieving goals 
  • trusting in the Universe 
  • bringing joy into our life 
  • good fortune 
  • affirmations, manifestations and visualisations 
  • confidence and self-realisation 
  • relaxation 
  • self-control 
  • problem-solving 
  • aligning the meridians of the body 
  • aura cleansing 
Chakra Association:  Relates to colour
Zodiac Association:  Sagittarius, Virgo


Blue Topaz

In addition to the generic properties of Topaz, BLUE TOPAZ may help with… 

  • realising where we have strayed from our own truth 
  • connecting with our higher-self and the Angels of truth and wisdom in meditation 
Chakra Association:  Thymus, Throat, Third Eye
Zodiac Association:  Sagittarius, Virgo


Clear Topaz

In addition to the generic properties of Topaz, CLEAR TOPAZ may help with…  

  • purifying emotions and actions 
  • becoming more aware of our thoughts and deeds and the karmic effect they have 
  • removing stagnant or stuck energy 

Check here for CLEAR TOPAZ items available.



Golden Topaz (aka Imperial Topaz)

In addition to the generic properties of Topaz, GOLDEN TOPAZ (aka IMPERIAL TOPAZ) may help with…  

  • recharging physically and spiritually 
  • recognising our own abilities 
  • attracting helpful people when we need them 
  • charisma and confidence 
  • overcoming limitations 
  • making grand plans 
  • nervous exhaustion  
Chakra Association:  Solar Plexus, Crown
Zodiac Association:  Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces



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