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MALACHITE, known as the stone of transformation, is believed to amplify energies of all kinds, positive and negative, and some other ways it may help us include… 

  • opening the heart to unconditional love 
  • emotional healing 
  • shyness and friendship 
  • childbirth 
  • clearing electromagnetic and radiation pollution 
  • enhancing intuition and insight 
  • clearing and activating the chakras 
  • scrying 
Chakra Association:  Heart, Throat, Third Eye
Zodiac Association:  Capricorn, Scorpio

Note:  MALACHITE in its rough form can be dangerous as it contains high levels of copper sulphate (which is toxic).  Tumbled or smooth malachite is not believed to present any issues, however one must be wary of breathing in the dust of rough Malachite because of its toxicity. 


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