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SELENITE has a very fine and powerful vibration, and some of the ways it may help us include… 

  • calming the mind 
  • clarity of mind  
  • stabilising erratic emotions 
  • creating a peaceful environment 
  • clearing confusion 
  • opening the crown chakra 
  • accessing angelic consciousness & higher guidance 
  • detaching entities from the aura 
  • forming a protective grid around a house 
  • scrying (to see the future or the past) 
Chakra Association:  Crown, Higher Crown
Zodiac Association:  Taurus

Desert Rose Selenite

The DESERT ROSE is part of the Selenite family, and in addition to the generic properties of Selenite it may help with…  

  • dissolving self-imposed programmes that have been running for too long, and find more appropriate replacements 
  • strengthening affirmations of purpose 
Chakra Association:  Root, Crown
Zodiac Association:  Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus

desert rose


Fishtail Selenite

In addition to the generic properties of Selenite, FISHTAIL SELENITE (aka known as ANGELS’S WING SELENITE) may help with… 

  • healing the nerves 
  • stabilising emotions 
  • defusing tension 

Check here for FISHTAIL SELENITE available.


Orange Selenite

In addition to the generic properties of Selenite, ORANGE SELENITE may help with…  

  • removing electromagnetic stress from in and around our home 
  • raising our self-esteem 
  • gaining a greater sense of well-being 
  • creativity 
  • lifting morale in the workplace or home 
  • encouraging a sense of safety and security, especially at night 
  • earthing angelic energies 
  • healing the earth 
Chakra Association:  Sacral
Zodiac Association:  Taurus

orange selenite



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