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JADE, a symbol of purity and serenity is much prized in the East and some of the ways it may help us, include… 

  • loving and nurturing us 
  • promoting good fortune and luck 
  • attracting friendship 
  • fertility and childbirth 
  • releasing negative thoughts and emotions 
  • soothing the mind 
  • encouraging insightful dreams 
  • wisdom and tranquillity 
  • encouraging self-sufficiency 
Chakra Association:  Heart, Root
Zodiac Association:  Aries, Pisces

Black Jade

In addition to the generic properties of Jade, some of the ways BLACK JADE, which is believed to emanate strong energies, may help us, include clearing the aura of… 

  • any vulnerability to ‘attachments’ and those projecting anger or aggression 
  • negative energy generated by fear and violence projected through the media  

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Green Jade

In addition to the generic properties of Jade, some of the ways GREEN JADE may help us, include... 

  • harmonising dysfunctional relationships 
  • supporting new love, encouraging trustworthiness and fidelity 
  • calming our nervous system 
  • channelling passion in constructive ways 
  • helping with safety during travel and outdoor pursuits 
  • inspiring love later in life 
  • supporting teachers, doctors, nurses, vets and all healers in their work 

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 green jade

Lavender Jade

In addition to the generic properties of Jade, some of the ways LAVENDER JADE may help us, include... 

  • alleviating emotional hurt and trauma 
  • finding inner peace 
  • teaching us subtlety and restraint in emotional matters 
  • setting clear boundaries 

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 lavender jade

Lemurian Jade

LEMURIAN JADE is believed to bring forth the qualities necessary to make the transition to the next level of spiritual evolution.  Some of the ways it may help us, include the development of… 

  • healing energies 
  • higher consciousness 
  • inner clarity 
  • strength 
  • manifestation 
  • unconditional love 

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New Jade

NEW JADE has a soft, gentle and fluid energy, and some of the ways it may help us, include... 

  • calming and soothing, helping us relax physically and mentally 
  • releasing fear-based emotions and thought patterns 
  • cleansing and detoxifying 
  • improving energy flow and physical well-being 
  • clearing all the chakras 
  • supporting the immune system 
  • resonating with Mother Earth, Nature Spirits and Kundalini energies 

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 new jade

White Jade

In addition to the generic properties of Jade, some of the ways WHITE JADE is believed to help us, include… 

  • directing energy in the most constructive ways 
  • filtering distractions, emphasising the best possible result 
  • encouraging sound decision-making  
Chakra Association:  Heart, Crown
Zodiac Association:  Libra, Pisces

Yellow Jade

In addition to the generic properties of Jade, some of the ways, YELLOW JADE is believed to help us, include… 

  • energising and stimulating us in a mellow-kind-of-way 
  • bringing joy and happiness into our life 
  • seeing the interconnectedness of all beings 
  • improving the digestive and elimination systems of the body 

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