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My favourite stone in all the world, LABRADORITE is a magical and mystical crystal that captivates with its changing colours.  It is so easy to get lost in this wonderful stone. I love it so much; I chose it in one of its beautiful forms for the background to our website.  Some of the ways Labradorite is believed to help us include… 

  • having faith in ourselves and the decisions we make 
  • trusting that the Universe has our back, even when it doesn’t feel like it 
  • stimulating our intuition 
  • being open to and accepting of change 
  • repelling negative energies 
  • feeling protected, eliminating fear 
  • calming an overactive mind 
  • enhancing our meditation  
Chakra Association:  Third Eye, Crown
Zodiac Association:  Sagittarius, Libra

Golden Labradorite

In addition to the generic properties of Labradorite, GOLDEN LABRADORITE may help with… 

  • accessing the highest levels of consciousness 
  • enhancing visualisations 
  • clairvoyance and channelling 

Check here for GOLDEN LABRADORITE items available.

golden labradorite

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